Ryan + Lauren | Engaged | Dahlonega's White Oaks Barn

One of the most intriguing things about our lovely state of Georgia is the varied terrains and, in my case, natural photographic backdrops it provides.  From Atlanta's hidden gems and most well-known locations alike, to south Georgia's rural landscape, dotted with farmer's fields full of grazing livestock and the richest of sunsets.  Then, there's North Georgia.  Our own personal, little wine country.  Our nearest "neighbor" that seems to just have it all.  There are few times that I have the opportunity to travel up there - this engagement session and wedding providing a couple of reasons that I'm very thankful for. 

White Oaks Barn is nestled right there in the middle of those charming vineyards, overlooking a property that is as vast as is it organically beautiful.  Insert our soon-to-be bride and groom Lauren and Ryan (and an 85mm that really seems to speak my language), and you get this soft, wispy, candidly in-love-ness that I just can't seem to pull my eyes away from. 

There is something special about the way these two are in front of my camera.  There's a certain spark that lit them up and was really cause for some amazing captures.  There was genuine laughter and the sweetest, coy smiles, and it would really make someone that didn't know them well think they had been together for much less than 7 years.
Certainly looking forward to this sweet wedding at White Oaks Barn in one month from today!
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The Malones | Spring Wedding at Roswell's Naylor Hall | March 15th, 2014

You know those people from which you get the feeling that you should have known each other a lot sooner?  Lauren, Matt and their families and friends are the very kind.

There is not a thing in the world that's quite like photographing a wedding and being able to instantly dive in to that flow of emotion that keeps the day striving on.  It's so easy for a photographer to assume the perspective of the one that merely "documents" the day.  It's simple to do because, in essence, that's a wedding photographer's job.  I've learned, however, that having clients that welcome you into their world, if even just for a day (or the most important one of their lives), helps me in becoming enveloped in that pure, raw emotion of the day.  That's the only way to photograph such a significant event; that welcome is one I instantly found in meeting these two and their families.  It's truly a gracious thing for them to do, and it's met with a high sense of honor and appreciation on my end.


I had the opportunity to actually first meet Lauren's mom Jackie and her sister Lindsey at the Wedding Alliance of North GA Bridal Showcase I had the opportunity to be a part of back in September of last year.  I always remembered them for the kind way about them, and after meeting with Lauren's parents for a consult, it was already easy to tell that she came from good people.  I had high hopes for someone that was easy to work with and up for anything - and those expectations were exceeded with someone that's more than easy to relate to and completely trusting of my vision.  Of course, this mysterious Matt (who I had yet to meet until his wedding day) was equally as easygoing and perfectly deserving of the beautiful woman he was about to tie the knot with.

The early Spring weather cooperated with our plans, our timeline went practically flawlessly... basically, the day went off without a hitch.  We'll let the images do the talking from here - enjoy this beautiful/joyous/excitement-filled/sentimentally-detailed day as we saw it!  A very warm congratulations to our new bride and groom, who made the day just as light and as sweet as it deserved to be.  Thank you for having me a part!

Also, a dear thank you to my second pair of eyes for the day and immensely helpful co-photographer and assistant, Kate Cheeves.  Again, you're a blessing!



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An incredibly special thanks to all of the creative partners involved in making this day such a huge success!:

Photographer's assistant/associate photographer: Kate Cheeves
Ceremony venue: Roswell First Baptist Church
Reception venue: Naylor Hall
Catering: Three Sisters Catering
Floral: Magnolia Street Floral
Cake: Sweet Caroline's Cakes
Hair and makeup: Andrea Hess of Salon Verde
Horse and carriage service: Yellow Rose Carriage Service
Bridal gown: Bravura Bridal
DJ: Apple Core Entertainment, Inc.
Bridesmaids dresses: Dessy
Groom/groomsmen attire: Savvi Formalwear

Aaron + Carolyn | The Proposal

This weekend was one filled with all kinds of happy for us as we had the chance to photograph the ACTUAL PROPOSAL of a couple of our good friends!
Allow me to rewind a bit - not only was this a proposal, but what may have been the most  epic proposal that most have heard of, let alone, that I have had the opportunity to capture.
I'll take you back a bit to our day this past Saturday.  For all of you Atlanta natives, you're bound to be quite aware of our bipolar weather as of late.  Rain, sunshine, snowpocalypses... in that order.  I believe the weather gods put their heads together this past Saturday, and it could not have been any more perfect.
After MUCH careful planning on the groom-to-be's part, coordinating of schedules, acquiring of licenses, procuring of helicopters... etc., etc., Saturday arrived and all went according to plan.  Rock and I arrived early and met with who would be our escort to the downtown Atlanta W Hotel's helipad.  We hashed out our POA over a drink at the GORGEOUS, airy and light bar at the W, during which I couldn't help but snag a few shots of the lovely venue to help document our day. :o)  Then, it was go time!  We met back at our meeting spot, and took the elevator which then ascended to the VERY top of the hotel to the helipad, where all of the fun was going down in a matter of moments.  The sun was setting, but not too terribly quickly (always a photographer's ultimate stressor) and when their helicopter flew right over our heads to make their landing, it couldn't have been any more perfect.  They stepped out, Rock and I crouched and hid on the stairwell in efforts not to ruin it (like ninjas - how's that for a visual?) and when the time was right, I popped out in time to capture Aaron stating his proposal, with two huge smiles on both of their faces.  It was beautiful.  We had our mini-engagement session, right there, atop the helipad of the downtown W Hotel, and made our way to their celebratory dinner.
I can't tell you what it's like to have the opportunity to photograph a proposal.  Having Rock there was the icing on the cake for me, too.  It felt like we were getting engaged all over again. :o)  That joy we felt when we went through the same time (not too long ago ;o) ) was the same joy I felt completely overwhelmed with as we looked on theirs and then became the second pair of eyes to experience and document this absolutely incredible time for them.
We could not be more thrilled and excited for these two to begin their marriage journey and that we got to play a very small role in the very start!  Blessings, best wishes, and love to both of these two as they begin this beautiful new life together!

Enjoy! :o)
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Schly + Desiree | Married! | January 19th, 2014 | Ashton Gardens, Sugar Hill, GA

Ahh, Desiree and Schly.  My "highly untraditional" couple (per the groom's description), albeit "highly", passionately in love.
It was quite obvious since the get-go.  Schly and Desiree were referred to me by a mutual friend and we met very soon after their inquiry.  They were to be married at a small church in a quite traditional ceremony, and their reception to follow at a venue I had not yet heard of called Ashton Gardens.  Since that time we met to discuss some details, I was cracking up.  These two were hilarious together and played off one another well.  Schly, the more quiet type, but that knows what he wants with regard to their wedding, and Desiree the excited, bubbly one that was happy to take ideas as they came and field those to her soon-to-be hubby.  They seem to have a very soothing comfort around each other and the banter I got to witness first-hand had me cracking up.  They certainly "work".
January 19th was the date.  Upon arrival to where miss Desiree was getting ready, I quickly found there were hardly any nerves, from what I could see.  Just excitement and almost a sense of relief knowing these two, who loved each other so, would be committing their lives to each other in just a couple short hours.  There were kiddies watching TV, family members there to take everything in, and happy chatter filling the house.  It was really a fun, relaxing atmosphere and was an awesome way to start out what would be a beautiful evening.
The ceremony was lovely, and while it could be considered a fairly traditional ceremony, I found it unlike any other I've had the chance to document.  Our bride and groom sat side by side, listening intently as the officiant spoke to them as though there was no one else in the room.  There was laughter from the happy onlookers and a sweet sense of camaraderie and genuine excitement abound.  Our bride and groom kissed their first kiss as husband and wife and we were on to the reception!
Being Winter, we lost light very early on.  We made plans around it, and I am so glad we went for it because I got to photograph these two in a very different way than I ever have.  We relied a lot on just the bride and the groom and got to play a lot with furnishing our own light and I absolutely love the way they turned out!
The first dance is one of my favorites to date - I still can't hear John Legend's "All of Me" without replaying those few moments back in my mind, it was beautiful.  They might as well have been in the room by themselves and not a single soul there to watch, it was that intimate and special.  I love these images. :o)
The reception had a TON of energy and I absolutely loved, loved, loved it.  Little known fact about me - I LOVE to dance and I LOVE to be around and watch people who can.  I love to watch people who can't, too (who doesn't?) but that's irrelevant, haha.  The dance floor was completely packed and I made sure I got to be right there, front row center, to capture it all.  Seriously, so much fun!
The two had their fun and it was time to head out.  I have absolutely loved getting to know these two and wish them the very, very best in this special beginning of their beautiful life together!  What an honor and a joy it was to be there to capture their day!  A special thanks to miss Kate for being there with me to help capture it all!
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Contributing vendors:

Associate photographer: Kate Cheeves

Ceremony venue:  Kingdom Hall | Johns Creek, GA
Reception venue: Ashton Gardens | Sugar Hill, GA

Bridal gown: Formally Yours
Tux: Mens Warehouse
Floral:     Design House of Flowers
Event coordination:    Mary with Ashton Gardens
Hair stylist:  Toni Neal
Makeup artist: Alexis Fagan  
Musical artists: JRED, 
DJ:  DJ Emcee  
Cake:  Baking Grounds

Table decor: Design House of Flowers

Chris + Monica | A Winter Engagement | Serenbe Farms, Palmetto, GA

8am, and it's still not light yet.  My September 27th bride and groom Monica and Chris are en route to Serenbe Farms and, you guessed it's still not light yet.  Not to mention, the thermometer on my car is reading the surrounding air at about 20 degrees... which I would say was about accurate.

If the early rising, the cold air or the travel had played any part in deterring us from moving forward and shooting that morning, it would have been a crying shame.  It's likely that I say it quite a bit, but it's certain that I mean it with everything I have: I am SO glad my couples are up for anything!

It isn't often I have a chance to shoot as the morning light is rising.  Typically, my rule of thumb for shooting is to get out there and shoot within the first 2 hours after the sun rises and the last 2 hours before it sets completely.  And let's face it, no one (at least I speak for myself) is a morning person.  But, for that once in a while session that does take place before the sun has greeted the world, I find it is totally and completely worth that extra cup of early morning coffee.
Monica and Chris came to me a few months ago as Rock and I were planning our own wedding.  We had just gotten engaged and had decided at that point that we'd like to be married in the fall of 2014, but did not yet know what date.  Turns out, we'll be married 3 weeks prior to these two, and I'll be thrilled to pass the baton on to them and witness them say their vows a few weeks later.  We haven't known each other long, but I have picked up on a few things over the course of the last couple of months and during their engagement session:

1. They are incredibly professional.
2. They are both equally involved in planning their wedding.
3. They are madly in love.
4. Monica hates being cold.
5. Chris loves to keep her warm.
6. They love to laugh and have fun!
7. Monica sometimes forgets the screw-top for the thermos.
8. Chris has a tendency to then spill it on his shoes.
Chris: [picks up coffee thermos; spills on shoes].  "Monica, did you FORGET to screw the top of the thermos on!?!"
Monica: [giggles].  "Sorryyy!"
Chris: [sighs; laughs; shakes head].
Photographer laughs and photographs coffee that is  already frozen on the sides of the thermos.  Sometimes I think early mornings have a tendency to mess with our heads.  But I will say, you'd had to have been there.  Hilarious.
Moving forward, we started out at Serenbe (a location of the bride's choice!) just as the sun had peeked over the horizon.  We began walking to where we would start shooting and took an immediate detour to an open field where the orange-toned sun was peering through the winter trees.  AH!  To be a photographer and see the potential in such a random spot to create a beautiful, watercolored backdrop for our sweet couple... then again, at Serenbe, it's really not all too difficult. So, between the location and the sunrise, and our cozied up bride and groom, I can't really give myself much credit there! :o)  Walking around that morning, I forgot how early it was, the windchill, and even the fact that I was toting a 30 lb pack on my back.  Monica and Chris were so entertaining and the perfect couple to not only withstand the chilly morning, but embrace it and make it their own.  Chris made sure there wasn't a moment where he didn't have his arms around her or his hand leading her by the small of her back.  A gentleman in every sense of the word.  Monica was just about as happy as she could be, and their mutual disposition as increasingly light as the sun that was continuing to rise behind them.
All in all, it was a beautiful morning.  Take a stroll through our time that morning at Serenbe Farms, and make sure to stay posted to ABH Fine Photography for this sweet couple's September 27th wedding at TPC Sugarloaf Country Club!  As always, f eel free to leave some love!
Allison B. Harrison




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