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Rock and I made a quick weekend getaway to somewhere we have always dreamt of visiting.  As simple a trip as it is (it's a mere 5-6 hours from Atlanta), we somehow have managed nearly every place near Amelia but the actual island itself.  It's just as charming as we had imagined.
I love these stolen moments.  It was a quick trip but the memories we made there will be something we'll always cherish.  I brought my gifted Pentax K1000 - one, because it's easy to travel with (I can just throw it in my purse), but two because I wanted to be able to later experience the trip again with the authenticity that film provides.  Very excited to say that it has certainly done just that.
But - I ran out of film.  I brought two rolls of Fuji 400 and I suppose I had imagined being able to fit all of our trip into a mere 48 images, which, certainly was not the case.  Even though the images taken were each a very careful decision of their own prior to pressing the shutter, there was so much about our trip that warranted a photo.
Though, my favorite memory was one that went undocumented.  I have the image in my mind, however, for the rest of my life.  It was the moment after I had just run out of exposures.  We were on a beach on Little Talbot Island State Park.  The whole weekend was overcast, and the clouds hardly let up for a moment.  We had just gotten there and walked through the hardly touched trail that was littered with beach grass and some awesome plants I don't believe I'd ever seen.  The trail opened up to the largest beach we had seen with our own eyes, though the water was attempting it's return to high tide, and it was beautiful.  The most peaceful place I think I've ever been.
Rock was walking down the beach looking for sea shells, while I covered my own ground.  And, that's when I looked up.  He was a solid 100 yards down the beach and was just within the threshold of the fog concealing him from my view.  There was no one and nothing around but the dunes, the seashells, and a distant and foggy view of the city.  It was a perfect moment.  I'm actually glad my film ran out.  Perfect timing for a memory I can keep and stow away in my mind for forever.



Kate + Mikey | Bottom's Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Session | Cumming, GA Engagement Photographer

Some seriously awesome people here on the blog today, friends. :o)
A few of you might recognize this face - it's my sweet friend Kate, and she's assisted me in photographing several weddings of past clients.  She's an absolute gem. <3  We met while working together for about a year and have stayed friends since.  She's a kind soul and nearly everything she touches turns to gold.  She's one of the most compassionate people I know.  Of course, Mikey is a perfect match.  He's kind and attentive, and one look and it's evident - he loves this girl more than words.
A photographer herself, Kate not only has the most beautiful vision for their wedding day, she had an amazing eye for what she wanted for her and Mikey's engagement session.  As soon as I mentioned a Christmas tree farm (because - let's be honest, it's like a giant playground for adults) she lit up and was totally on board.  She was equally excited for me to incorporate film into their session.  Of course, I was beside myself with excitement to venture out with my new Contax 645 medium format to "play" and could not be more excited with how seamlessly it fits in with my style.  In fact, I'll be surprised if you can pick out the images that are film from those that are digital below. ;o)  It has added the exact touch of novelty and freshness my business has been missing - you can definitely expect to see lots of film pretty in the nearer future.
Miss Kate and Mikey are getting married this March, starting off my year of weddings on a perfect note.  I'm thrilled to be the one chosen to capture these two on their day.  They've decided to focus on making their day about them.  They're bound not to lose sight of the most important thing that day - their family and each other.  It's going to be an intimate wedding with some really personal touches and I am so honored to be the one there to take it all in and capture each moment for them.
So excited for these two and this precious journey they're out on together!  What a joy to see a sweet friend make such a beautiful commitment!  Enjoy my FAVORITES from this fabulous session at Bottom's Christmas Tree Farm.  It made for the most beautiful setting for their session!




The Heads | Nashville, TN Lifestyle Family Photographer | ABH Fine Photography

Today, you get to catch a glimpse of a super special family. :o)
Annie and I went to college together, and over the last few years she has been growing the most precious of families with her college sweetheart.  Being the first chance I've had to meet the whole crew, I'm officially in love with these beautiful little boys.  We'd be lucky to have a family this darling of ours, one day. <3
We took a super organic approach to capturing this lifestyle session, photographing the crew at their home outside of Nashville, and I'm crazy over how naturally we were able to capture them in their "happy" place.  :o)   And a happy home it is!  Hudson is the most perfect little thing, and we managed the most precious smile already.  And Elliott... he's the most perfect little booger.  It was all we could do not to just take him home with us, haha.
So proud of these two and this beautiful family they've begun!  Enjoy just a few of my favorites from our time together!


Please ignore the socks... had to include this cute little candid. :o)



I hit a slump.
It's been a busy summer with an incredible amount of opportunity.  To be candid, I could never have dreamed of such beautiful and unique opportunities coming to me when I began my business a few years ago.  Opportunity has a way of knocking on your door and, of the countless other things I've learned since becoming a small business owner, I have learned that you must stay open to it.  I'm thankful every day for it!
But if I'm being truthful, it doesn't mean that there haven't been and won't be hills and valleys.  I think it's fair, though, to say that with everything that's taken place in this "year of excitement', there must be reason for the valleys.  
In the span of one year, the following things have taken place:
  • My first and only nephew was born.  And oh how we love him. :o)
  • The patriarch of our family passed away suddenly and we have been learning together to pick up where he left off.
  • Rock proposed, we planned the most beautiful wedding (with the help of our incredible parents and some absolutely amazing industry professionals), and we were married 11 short months later.
  • My business has grown SO much and I had my busiest summer yet with  ... scratch that - 7 magnificent weddings in 3 months.
  • My name has officially changed and, in the process, I have begun a super, super exciting re-branding and complete turning inside out of my business.

It's forced me to ask the following questions: are you ready for all of this?  Have you prepared enough?  Will you be a good wife?  Do you understand life and death?


What. Is. Your. Identity?


In efforts not to become absolutely drowned by the weight of it all, I've been taking everything day by day.  And in the process, it's been heavy.  I thank my God for each and every positive influence in my life, but have learned that I can't make something positive out of something that just isn't.  It's forced me to make decisions on who and what to keep, and when to let things go.  I haven't quite mastered it all yet, and on that note - I don't know that I ever will.  But I'm learning to simplify.


Insert film.  At the bottom of this valley, I have been under the impression that I need a hobby.  I need something to take my focus away from my business and my work, for a change.  Something to make me slow down and think.  Something to refresh this brain that does nothing but worry and wait for things to just fall into place.  Something to set me back on the right track and reignite the passion for my craft and to mix things up a bit.


My mom happened across their old Pentax K1000 about a year ago, and without much use for it, she passed it on to me.  It was an interesting gift, in fact I had no idea how film even worked.  I took a gifted dark room workshop without a clue how any of it would really pan out.  I'd had a dark room and photography class in high school that at the time I thought was really neat, because it put my first point and shoot camera in my hands.  But I was afraid of the creepy dark room in the corner and what went on in there, so I avoided it like the plague instead of learning all that film had to offer.  I was a junior in high school, and that fact alone is pretty goofy.  I guess we all have our hang ups... ;o)


Fast-forward to now.  Everything I've learned about photography has been a culmination of courses taken throughout college and a peaked interest in the fact that taking an image will savor a moment.  I'm a sucker for moments, after all.  And I don't have the best of memories because my brain is always being torn in 48 different directions at the same time... it's too busy not recording any one thing that no one moment is ever really soaked up unless it slows down enough to delve into the "now".  It happens when I'm capturing people and things the way I see them, with no real agenda.  It happens when I'm inspired, when I'm with Rock and when I'm with my family.  It all comes together sometimes, particularly on vacations.


I brought along my Pentax K1000 to the beach this past summer, just to try it out.  It was the first trip without our Papaw, the first trip with my perfect little nephew and the last trip before Rock and I tied the knot.  We had all been awakened by the need to savor these moments we have together.  I was inspired by the film imagery that I'd seen and was beginning to delve into the world of film.  My curiosity had been stoked.  So, it seemed like the right time. 


I'd shot with it before and was less than impressed with the results.  I purchased a cheap-o scanner on Amazon and had the film developed at a local Wolf Camera, which I suppose were my first mistakes.


I held onto this roll for a while deciding what to do with it.  Like, maybe it will just develop itself?  Obviously, though, that wasn't going to happen... so I happened across Indie Film Lab after doing a little research, and shipped the roll in just like they tell you to.  Except, I didn't include the chocolate they requested.  It got eaten before I could even bring it back up the stairs.  This isn't an uncommon thing and I have foil wrappers of shame that litter the area around my trash can.... oops!


At any rate, I got the scans back today from our sweet trip to the beach.  It's a yearly thing, but every year I only manage to snag a few images.  This year we visited a new place, and as soon as you walked out the door you see the most beautiful home across the street, built with a breezeway that lends a complimentary view to the ocean, though we weren't beachside but just a few steps away.  I don't know those people but I really appreciated their consideration, there.  It was gorgeous.  My favorite shot of the week was of my brother standing in the ocean.


Rock, ever the one who pushes me to do what I love, took me for a walk down the beach one day and we came upon our favorite little beach bar, finishing up my one roll along the way.


I'm blown away.  This love for film has just begun but I'm so excited at this new opportunity.  It's what's picked me back up out my slump.  I'm falling in love with my craft again and it's influencing almost everything I shoot.  I don't need a hobby.  I just need a moment of peace and to photograph what I want to photograph.  Personal captures of moments that are now displayed in the most beautiful, raw and inspiring film imagery.


My rebrand will be finished up soon, I hope!  And I'm so incredibly excited for the blessings that lay ahead.  More film, more personal accounts, more getting lost in the moment.  It's going to be a beautiful journey and I hope you continue with me!




The Breauxs | Flowery Branch Family Portrait Session | ABH Fine Photography

No two are the same.  Each operates as a function of it's own tradition, teachings, experiences.  In light of Thanksgiving, it's so important to approach this upcoming holiday with an open heart.  Sure, there are the relatives that drive you nuts.  There is more delicious food and desserts than you've feasted on in a year's time.  There is travel, stress, imbalance - but, most importantly, there's another year's opportunity to spend time with those who mean the very most to you.  It's a chance to be thankful for the clothes you wear and the food you eat and the days you've been given.  It's the gift of spending time with those you love, whether that's friends, your spouse, your kids, your grandparents, or your church.  Family knows no strict familial structure.  It exceeds the cookie cutter idea of a mom, dad, and a handful of kids.  It's dynamic and always moving.  It changes as time marches forward, it has a way of mending, even when it loses an integral part of it.  The family you build around yourself is the most precious circle of support you will ever build.  It is unfailing, ever-supporting, and should be guarded with all that you have.
As Rock and I look forward to our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife, I look forward to spending it with both of our families.   I've adopted a beautiful new family and am so grateful for the love they have shed on me.  I'm looking forward to another year of Honeybaked Wednesday (we're not really turkey people...) and our traditional fondue Thanksgiving with my parents and grandma, Mish, and now my husband.  By the end of the day as we migrate to Nashville, having meal two (which means probably three and maybe even four with extra servings if we're really bold... eh hem, Rockwell...) and spending the day with his family will be the icing on the cake.
So, what am I thankful for?  My family that never fails to support me in every choice I make.  My friends who have stood by me and value me and our friendship.  Our pupper Bristol, never ceasing to amaze me by the ever-developing personality that only gets better as she gets older.  The people I have a chance to meet and grow with, through my business and in my personal life.  The gift I am given to give back to all of those who seek me out to show them how beautiful they truly are.  The experiences I have been granted, and the lives that have touched my heart along the way.  And, my husband, who has always been my family even before we were married.
As I've been working on these images, it just so happened this post fell on the eve of the holiday, and, appropriately so.  Rock and I were invited to see the heart of this beautiful family a couple of weeks ago by a sweet, new friend of mine and fellow photographer, Abby.  Upon arriving to Flowery Branch and shaking the hands of each of these people, our hearts were warmed by the unshakable bond between them all.  We chatted, we laughed.  And we felt right at home with this crew.  So very thankful today to be featuring this sweet family as we all gear up for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It couldn't have fallen on a more perfect day (because everyone knows Thanksgiving is for rest and zero working!) and I'm excited to honor this precious family today with just a few of my favorites from their gorgeous, Fall session.
Enjoy, and happy holiday to all!



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