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With our wedding drawing near, I've been tying up loose ends and working toward a couple weeks of concentration on details and getting this booger planned!  It also means ending this last little bit of time as ABH Fine Photography on a fabulous note, spending time with Spencer and Polina and capturing their sweet engagement!


We chose the Goat Farm in Atlanta as our spot to go along with the "industrial" sort of feel that they were searching for.  Of course, this place was perfect and so were these two lovebirds. :o)  Looking forward to June 20th, 2015! <3


Take a peek at just a few of my favorites from their session!






The Browns | Charming farm wedding at Chukkar Farm | Alpharetta, GA | ABH Fine Photography


If there ever were a bride I'd want to be exactly like myself, it's Kelley.


Kelley and I met up as she and her now-hubby Graham were in the midst of planning their wedding at Chukkar Farm in Alpharetta.  I got all the details on the wedding, got to know her a bit and their "style" - the usual that would typically happen at a consultation.  What I could see the potential of happening but could not possibly first expect, however, was just exactly how laid back, kind, and truly, genuinely excited and grateful these two were for the day that they would commit themselves, their love, and the rest of their lives to one another.  Graham is kind, funny and was a trip around buddies.  Kelley is bubbly, full of laughter and so gracious to all of those that enter their lives.  I'm very lucky to have been one of them. :o)


Example A of why these two are awesome: They trusted me to choose the spots for their engagement session without even seeing them beforehand.  They totally trusted my vision and I adore that sweet session.


Example B of why they rock: For the very first time in my career as a photographer, I've been behind deadlines by a week as I've struggled to catch up from wedding season AND plan a wedding of our own... which is a mere 2 weeks away.  Kelley contacted ME to tell me to enjoy this time with Rock instead of "worrying" with editing and stressing over deadlines.  She reached out and offered the kindest, most thoughtful thing I could ever imagine, and, of course, I denied.  I love these two, I love this day, and while keeping everything together has been a challenge, this sweet couple has become so very important to me and I would totally owe that to them to get these to them ASAP!  Regardless, it was that amazing offer that counted.  I've never in my professional photography career had anyone extend that to me, because she understood more than anyone how much is going on right now.


Example C: it rained.  And you didn't hear a peep.  They were so much more enveloped in the joy that surrounded the day, rain or shine.  They knew what it meant to get married, the magnitude of the commitment that they were about to make, and nothing could get in the way of them being together.  Not years of long-distance relationship, going back and forth in college, not the stressors that can weigh on a couple that is not physically together during the majority of their relationship.  Definitely not rain. :o)


Example D (and I could keep going...): just because some people come into your life and become a friend.  I absolutely love these two and am so thankful God happened me upon them and, more so, that I had the opportunity to capture this more than perfect day!


Enough from me... here are a few fun facts I lucked into - straight from the mouths of our sweet newlyweds!:


How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story. We met in high school where we became close through a circle of church friends.  Sparks didn’t fly until my sophomore year and Graham’s senior year.  Soon after, Graham went to college in Boulder, Colorado but I like to think he missed me too much and quickly transferred back to the South to attend school at South Carolina. We continued our long distance relationship after I graduated and headed off to UGA. We always stayed together during our time apart- weekends were so, so sweet! Life brought us back to Atlanta where we started our first jobs, got engaged+ married, and moved in to our first home!


What was your inspiration for the day? Backyard style, come as you are type of wedding!  What meant the most to us on this day was to have all our close friends and family together who have been a part of our 9 year journey in addition to great food, drinks, and music!


What readings, if any, did you have at your ceremony? Since Graham and I grew up in the same church in Marietta, we were blessed to have one of our family friends and youth pastors, Charlie Marus, officiate our wedding.  The ceremony felt intimate like it was only the three of us standing up there.  Charlie spoke to us about Christ in the center of our marriage and referred back to our chosen verse of Colossians 3:12-15. It’s a wonderful verse that reminds us to let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts as well as demonstrate compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, and love.


Looking back, what was the most memorable part of your day for you two? The whole ceremony from start to finish was the most memorable part of the wedding day! Moments before the ceremony, the skies parted, pushing the rain aside while leaving nothing but blue skies that allowed us to have our perfect ceremony out on the polo field. We loved our long walks to the altar to finally see each other for the first time, saying our vows, partaking in a private communion as our first act as husband and wife and sealing it with a kiss! We wereboth just beaming during the recessional as it soaked in that we just committed to a lifetime of love and fun together!


What Southern details or traditions did you include in your celebration? We decided keep the Southern tradition and not to do the first look before the ceremony. With the long walk from the clubhouse of the horse farm to the ceremony on the polo field, it was such a special moment I will always treasure.  We had a Southern food buffet that included Boston butt pulled pork, green beans, mashed potatoes, bread roles, and sweet tea!


Describe your wedding cake or dessert. We steered away from the traditional multi-tiered wedding cake and went with an amazing company, Nothing Bundt Cakes, who makes delicious, drizzled Bundt cakes. We had two large Bundt cakes stacked on each other for the main wedding cake then four flavors of bundtinis, like cupcakes, where guests could choose their favorite flavor.


This wedding was perfect.  Despite the downpour that happened just before the girls arrived to the venue, then again just after the ceremony took place and in the middle of our bride and groom portraits.  It was a perfect day because of how these two approached it, the family and friends that were there by their side to make it whole, and the air of fun and graciousness that infiltrated the entire attitude of the day.  It was beautiful and of course I teared up during the ceremony... But what else is new.


A quick shout out to my own hubby-to-be, the ever faithful Rock - always to the rescue under unforeseen circumstances, always there by my side to see everything through.  I love you. :o)


So very thankful, too, for the amazing vendors that played a part in this awesome day!:

Photographer's assistant/Superman: Rock Pedigo
Venue: Chukkar Farm 
Event planner/day-of coordinator: Brekken Padgett of Events by Brekken 
Floral design: Mary McLeod with Amy Osaba Events
Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes
Catering: Cara Tadsen of Chukkar Farm
Entertainment: Sonic Groove Band
Bridal gown: Wedding Angels
Videographer: Pursuit Productions


What an honor to see these two make it official!  Enjoy some of my favorite captures from their June 21st wedding at Chukkar Farm!


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The Wingårdhs | Sophisticated, Southern Wedding at Private residence "Summer Trees" | Red Banks, MS Wedding Photographer | ABH Fine Photography

Sometimes, when you are so consumed by memorizing an itinerary, or searching for inspiration, the inspiration comes to you and hits you like a ton of bricks.

Of course I knew my sweet friend Allie and her long-time college love, Robin, would be a vision on this day.  And, of course I had an idea that a private estate wedding in the southern element of Mississippi would be one that could top the charts.  What I could not expect, however, was the immensity of and genuine meaning that this gorgeous venue would take on as it made the perfect backdrop for their wedding day.

Rock and I arrived to Red Banks, Mississippi early that afternoon to begin documenting miss Allie and her girls getting ready, only to stumble across a home that, upon entering down it's long drive, made us feel like we were part of a movie scene.  My jaw dropped and I immediately understood that this wedding was going to be one unlike any I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of.  A huge wrought-iron fence welcomed us onto the property that was decorated with huge magnolias, perfectly framing the most beautiful and unique historic home I had ever seen.  We got our things together and before the girls even got there, I was a kid in a candy shop - the property was beautiful as it stood on its own and I was more than excited to see our sweet bride and groom see each other for the first time in front of this gorgeous place.

I did know that the venue held some sentiment for Allie, as it is the home of her grandparents where she and her family grew up.  And, now, the most perfect location for their wedding!  She had envisioned some portraits of them both on the front porch, and other than that was totally up to handing the creativity over to us.  I say it ALL the time, but I mean it every time... I adore my clients, and am so very fortunate to work with people who are so kind and generous and trust me so fully.  And when we left that night, there isn't a thing that we felt went amiss.

Between the unmatched and most ethereal light that flowed into the home as our bride and her girls got ready, the "first look" with the adoring look from our sweet groom that had me almost in tears, the southern tradition that was encompassed by a beautiful church ceremony mixed with the Swedish tradition of a national anthem tribute to the happy couple (AWESOME), a stunning heirloom engagement ring that had been passed down for so many years given to Allie by Robin... even a car that had been restored by Allie's father in honor of his late uncle (what a fabulous surprise for us!) and the most fun wedding party and families to join, it was a wedding day for the books.  I have been dying to show this wedding off and am so, so very excited for these two as they have kicked off their life together with a beautiful commitment of their lives and love to each other!

We had an amazing team to work with, and were so thankful to meet each of these awesome vendors!:
Photographer's assistant: Rock Pedigo <3
Pre-ceremony/reception venue: Private Residence | "Summer Trees" (part of the National Register of Historic Homes)
Catering: Clancy's Cafe
Event planner:  Nancy Barger with  Hunter Valley Farm
Bouquets, boutonnieres and floral decor: Nancy Barger with Hunter Valley Farm
Bridal gown: The Barefoot Bride
Invitations: The Happy Store
Hair stylist: Fashion Flair 
Enjoy this sweet day!
Note: Thank you for retaining the watermark within any image when sharing or re-posting via social media or email.  Please link back to ABH Fine Photography if doing so.  Images are not available for publishing and are not print quality.  Please do not crop images or alter them in any way.  If viewing on a tablet device, the resolution of the images may be compromised.  For best viewing results, please view on a PC/monitor screen.  Thank you!)







The Tancinis | A Sophisticated Barn Wedding in the North GA Mountains | May 17th, 2014 | As seen on Bridal Musings

There were tears, laughter, and joy the day that Lauren and Ryan tied the knot after a long engagement and even longer courtship!  Nestled in the mountains of Dahlonega, they chose White Oaks Barn to set the scene for their perfect day.  Despite the threat of rain, these sweethearts from high school looked forward to their indoor ceremony that looked out over the gorgeous and uninhibited mountain view, and it was all nearly perfect.
The doors swung open as soon as Lauren and her Dad started down the aisle and it was like the skies opened up.  The most beautiful light rushed in to fill the ceremony space and Ryan's face lit up at the sight of his soon-to-be wife inching toward him and their forever!  I'm telling you... it was beautiful!  The vows were quirky and personal, but genuine and full of sentiment.  I personally shed a few tears.  It was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have yet seen!
I'm so excited to collaborate with the bride and groom and their awesome vendors to have their wedding featured on the  Bridal Musings wedding blog, and am thrilled that they decided to share their wedding with others in helping brides and vendors alike become inspired by their day.
A quick note from the bride and groom!:

We both wanted a beautiful view and when we came across White Oaks Barn we thought it was perfect.  We did not want the typical rustic barn wedding with cowboy boots, burlap and hay bails. We wanted it to be beautiful and classy.  Navy blue and silver seemed elegant with a touch of pink. Ryan wanted to look different with an all black tux (like Johnny Cash).

We wanted to have people that we special to us to be a part of the ceremony.  My godmother sang as I walked down the aisle, my godfather did the readings and Ryan’s uncle married us. The ceremony ended up being funny and sweet.  It was very special for both of us. 

[The most memorable part of the day was] the rain.  It ended up making a perfect day and we loved the indoor barn wedding with a view.

So thankful to miss Samantha Bush for her assistance and serving as another pair of eyes that day.  You are always an inspiration!  Enjoy just a few of my favorites from this sweet day!


Note: Thank you for retaining the watermark within any image when sharing or re-posting via social media or email.  Please link back to ABH Fine Photography if doing so.  Images are not available for publishing and are not print quality.  Please do not crop images or alter them in any way.  If viewing on a tablet device, the resolution of the images may be compromised.  For best viewing results, please view on a PC/monitor screen.  Thank you!)



A very special shout to the vendors that helped make this sweet day possible, and for sharing their work for us all to ogle over! ;o):

Photographer's assistant/associate photographer: Samantha Bush
Venue: White Oaks Barn
Floral: Brette Start
Hair/makeup: Amberly of Structures Hair Studio
DJ: Rich at Complete Music
Cake: Once Upon a Cake

The Haynies | A wedding by the willow | Windermere Golf Club, Cumming, GA | June 14th, 2014

How incredibly fortunate I feel when I have the opportunity to photograph the wedding of a close childhood friend. :o)  Over the course of the last 10 years (yes, it's been that long... O...M...G...) we shared countless carpool rides to cheer practice, sleeping overnight in a box fort, singing tunes from Annie (or rather listening to Savannah sing them), getting to know her family, and growing up.  And now, I had the chance to watch her marry the man she had been waiting for all her life.  What a gift!
The day was beautiful.  Windermere Golf Club isn't much like any others I've seen.  The weeping willow tree where the ceremony was held made for the perfect backdrop to this new chapter of their love story.  Everything was very much "them" - from the vibrant blue and yellow floral and decor, to the personal touch that graced each of the details that set the scene for the day.  Savannah and her Dad's "first look" was a tearjerker - followed by Ryan and Savannah's, where he awaited her with a dozen red roses to hand over to his soon-to-be wife.  Their two dogs even played part in the ceremony as the ringbearers, which managed to make the day even more their own.  It's safe to say they nearly stole the show with their bride and groom outfits... but not quite. ;o)   Closest of friends and family being there to onlook and take part in their marriage celebration was just the icing on the cake!
So thankfu I to have had the chance to be there to watch these two tie the knot!  Enjoy these images from their sweet day! <3
(Note: Thank you for retaining the watermark within any image if sharing or re-posting via social media or email.  Please link back to ABH Fine Photography if doing so.  Images are not available for publishing and are not print quality.  Please do not crop images or alter them in any way.         If viewing on a tablet device, resolution of images may be compromised.  For best viewing results, please view on a PC/monitor screen.   Thank you!)



A quick thank you to those who helped make Ryan and Savannah's dream day come true!:

Photographer's assistant/associate photographer: Kate Cheeves
Venue: Windermere Golf Club
Hair: Khadijah Jordan

Makeup: Jeris Farmer
Flowers: Flowers From Us
DJ: The TC Show 
Officiant: Mike Geeslin
Dress: Bel Fiore Bridal


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